April 2015 — Joanne Kelly and Terry Mcleod review The Grain Fields on CBC Weekend Radio


March 2015 — The Winnipeg Free Press publishes a chapter of The Grain Fields.

The grain fields1



Praise for The Grain Fields

“Written with equal measures of grace and close attention to pacing, The Grain Fields is a captivating read. While at first glance the book might seem like a memoir playfully unbound from the chronological approach employed by many books of the genre, it’s really a grandson’s heartfelt tribute to beloved relative and the close bond they shared. Michael Wilms truly cared about getting The Grain Fields right and it shows.”

James Turner, Winnipeg Journalist.


“I couldn’t put this book down. It was really good. Multi-layered, complex, honest. Better than Eat, Pray, Love.”

Gabriele Goldstone, Winnipeg Author.


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